A Few Of My Favourite Bags

When it comes to accessories handbags are my first priority. I absolutely love them. I feel that they really make a big difference to my outfit choice. I would say that I think a lot more rationally when deciding on what bags to buy. There are so many great designers out there and it can be quite difficult in choosing what bags to buy.

For me, I like having a range of colours. Its nice not to just stick to black. I feel its essential to have a black bag but its great to be diverse. My favourite bags currently are cross body bags…. and I am loving the smaller ones too. For me my favourite bag has to be my gucci dionysus shoulder bag. Even since gucci had their revamp they really sold me. My favourite thing about it, is the flower embroidery on the bag. Im a sucker for a piece of art on a bag.

I would say that my next favourite would have to be my classic black chanel bag. Its elegant, chic and just amazing. most importantly it goes with everything. I would say if you looking to get your first designer bag and can afford it, chanel would be my top pick. Its timeless and It would never go out of style.

I still have various bags on my wish list. The Jw Anderson pierce bag. If you haven’t seen it , its definitely a must. Its very different to any other bag that I own and just has a lot of character and edge to it. Another designer that I also and isn’t very expensive¬†is Furla. I absolutely love their bags. They have a wide selection of colours and designs. They do great sizes as well as matching accessories for the bag. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a good weekend!








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