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Embroided Jeans Jacket

As I mentioned before, I recently just started a new course at the London College of Style studying Personal styling and also learning about the history of fashion. This has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks.

For the last couple of days, the weather has just been up and down. This week it has been raining non-stop. Although today was quite gloomy I was able to get a good shot for today’s look. When it comes to pairing items of clothing together, I tend to pick colours that have a link. The shorts that I bought are pink with some embroidery detail and I thought it would be nice to pair it with a top that had a similar tone. Instead of choosing a pink top to match with the pink short, I decided to go for a lighter shade of pink to contrast well together.

For me, the little details on clothing are my favourite things. Every bit of my outfit that I chose for today corolates with each other. The denim embroidery jacket, the patterned shorts and the gucci bag. The different hints of pinks and reds make the outfit work.


Jacket- Zara

Top & Shorts- Topshop

Shoes- Balenciaga


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