Styling Service


Everyone has had experiences of going shopping and buying unnecessary items; which often times end up being kept in the wardrobe without ever being used. The wardrobe edit is a home service that will provide tips and advice on how to declutter your wardrobe. In addition, you will learn ways of reinventing looks and getting the best use of unworn or old clothes.


For those who are not sure about what to buy and what suits their body shape, this service will show you colours that compliment your skin tone. Selecting clothes can be challenging and overwhelming, therefore the aim would be to make the process as seamless as possible. A personal styling service will enable you to get to now your style and refine it. You will learn easier ways to shop, to save money and as well as styling tips.


This service is all about helping clients find the perfect accessories and outfits for special events. There are always Birthdays, Weddings and other events that require a glamorous look. This service will help with choosing the best outfit(s) for the occasion.

Price(s) available upon request.