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The Gingham Look

Gingham is a very key trend this summer. I have seen quite a few bloggers incorporating Gingham within their style effortlessly. Seeing as it has become so popular this season, I decided to go for the plunge and buy a few Gingham items to see how I could style it into my look.

My ideal plan for this was to go full on gingham. The items I had in mind were either a gingham dress or a matching skirt and top. I wanted it all be to cohesive.

I decided to go with a matching skirt and top. With this look, I love the combination of gingham and jeans together. Plus, with ruffles being such a huge trend this summer, it’s amazing to have all three within one look.

Gingham is quite a diverse to style. You can either do as I did and go for a matching look, or you could just pick a key item to pair with something simpler. Pairing a gingham item with something as simple as a pair of blue jeans or a plain white t-shirt can work quite well.

As for the shoes, espadrilles are another key item during summer. I am yet to find an outfit that doesn’t go with these shoes. They’re extremely versatile and I would consider them a staple for the summer months.










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